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A New Stash

Posted in Well Look At That on March 11, 2010 by yalision

After a little over a year of maintaining independant gaming website Virtually Involved, the ambitious vision had to come to a close. Imagine a gaming website attempting serious news stories and making its way looking for talented, serious writers? Imagine gaming journalism that aspires to be more than a mere extension of developer marketing? Yeah, screw that. Solo maintaining what would otherwise attempt to enter the big time is no easy task to be sure, especially when one’s free time is consumed by life in general with little to no support financially or creatively.

Virtually Involved was a wonderful experience to be sure. Running the website opened the opportunity of attending the 2009 Game Developers Conference as press. I was able to meet such influential people as Satoru Iwata, Peter Molyneux, Denis Dyack, Adam Sessler, and many more heavy hitters in the gaming industry. That said, my advice to anyone interested in entering the gaming industry through their writing is to pursue their dreams, no matter how difficult and reach out for the closest, most realistic goal and continue from there. My mistake was being too ambitious, too arrogant, and having too little knowledge on how to run a big website to continue too long after that event. My mistakes, however, still garnered enough attention for attendance to one of the biggest gatherings of industry professionals in the world.

Here, I simply hope to express my personal perspective on games, news, or other industry related events for anyone interested in such things to see. I’m no major publisher of anything game related, and it’s entirely likely that no one should care about my opinions at all. They’ll be here, however, for all to see. This is coming from someone with limited industry experience, but plenty of love for it to know the names of its greats, innovators, and technology.

Here’s to a good day. Hard to believe its been one year since GDC already as of this posting.